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Welcome to Kibi Kaya 

Kibi Kaya serves as a Soul Bridge that moves us towards a journey of sacred communion with the mysterious forces of our inner nature.

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In Shipibo, the language of our indigenous teachers in the Peruvian Amazon, "kibi" means "towards," and "kaya" is "soul" or "spirit."

As such, our mission at Kibi Kaya is to serve as a bridge for Spirit. For when we come together to sit, reflect and pray, we support each other in a journey of inner transformation that takes root at the very core of our being.


Our work is a coalescence of Plant Medicine, holistic meditation and the application of deep psycho-spiritual inquiry with an emphasis on post-ceremonial integration. 

Our ceremonial work is geared towards those who want to sit and pray with us in an intimate setting. It is for all of you who are not only ready to see through the veil, but to also walk through it. 

It is for those who long to be a part of a community of like-minded souls that holds each other accountable through our shared values of humility, transparency and integrity. 

For us, it is a great honor to work with plant medicine, yet we also understand that the plants alone cannot cure the complex challenges that humanity faces today. It's why we have paired our work with psycho-spiritual modalities that help us integrate the insights we receive, and implement them directly into our lives, our families and our relationships.

For when learn to take responsibility for our lives, and remember who we truly are, we can begin to treat each other - and ourselves, - with more grace, more forgiveness, and, ultimately, more compassion.   

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Our Work

It is easy to get caught in the traps of the mind. We do this work to face ourselves on every level. To find the inner stillness that's essential for any spiritual work, and to ask the question, “how am I creating the troubles in my life and what can I do to shift my perspective?”

To be a spiritual guide you must first become a student. In the process of becoming a student you learn to serve, and in serving you learn to remain humble. Humility is an aspect of the path that can often be missed or glossed over in our ambition to meet our spiritual goals.

We do not come to this work to create fame or riches for ourselves.

To sit with Spirit one must first cultivate patience. That patience is how we honor the unfolding. To open ourselves to the Great Mystery.

It is one thing to receive a vision, and it is another to practice its virtue until it breaths into you a new understanding of what you’re capable of. 

This path is not one to help you further your own agenda, or to create a cover for your ego to engage in self-serving dialogue that proves its necessity in the world.

This path is for those of you dedicated to practicing how to pray for clarity on how you can grow into the best version of yourself. To help heal your wounds, and those of your ancestors.

To remember who you truly are and what you came here for.

To show up for yourself, for the world, and be counted. 

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