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Monthly Integration Sanctuary


When we come together to pray in ceremony, we meet in the spirit of a co-creative, co-facilitated act of communal prayer. In this way community is medicine, and it is this medicine that we want to share with you and foster in our monthly, virtual containers. Our intention for this virtual maloca is to create an online sanctuary where you can connect and learn with others on the path. This is a space to share how you’ve been integrating the transformative insights you received from ceremony into your lives. It also serves as a refuge where we can be real, raw and vulnerable with each other. In this way, we all learn to serve one another; this creates a profound sense of belonging. We are excited to launch this monthly, online sanctuary as a place for like-minded souls to share and commune around topics of deep self-inquiry. We will offer monthly lectures and discussion questions to help us along with this process. This work is transformative in nature. It teaches us to be able to both celebrate our accomplishments and simultaneously hold space for that which has yet to be integrated into the wholeness of our being. By practicing with this intention we learn to bridge the duality of our inner landscape and, in turn, become bridges for the duality that exists in our world. In this way, the love in our hearts and the prayers we seed are the yoking of and union with the divine. This awareness is our offering and our prayer for this container. We hope you can join us!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


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