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Thu, Nov 30



12 Day Master Plant Dieta with Papa Gilberto Mahua. Nov. 30th - Dec. 13th (FULL)

12 Day Master Plant Dieta with Papa Gilberto Mahua. Facilitated by Robin York and Marjo Sal.

12 Day Master Plant Dieta with Papa Gilberto Mahua. Nov. 30th - Dec. 13th (FULL)
12 Day Master Plant Dieta with Papa Gilberto Mahua. Nov. 30th - Dec. 13th (FULL)

Time & Location

Nov 30, 2023, 7:00 PM – Dec 13, 2023, 7:00 PM

Pucallpa, Pucallpa, Peru

About the event

This Dieta is for those who already have a relationship with the plants and want to explore the deeper aspects of plant spirit medicine in the presence of a true master, Papa Gilberto Mahua. There will be a strong emphasis on learning to chant and embody the ancient technology of Shipibo chanting (daily beginner and intermediate lessons taught by Robin York).

In Spanish, the word “dieta” literally means “diet.” However, in the lineage of the Shipibo tradition, "a plant dieta" refers to both dietary and behavioral ​conditions, as we consider everything that we ingest whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually to be a part of the "diet". This is a sacred time we create for ourselves. It is a period of isolation in which we abstain from everyday consumption and distraction in order to commune with the healing energy of the plants.  Through this deep mutual transference of energy, we are purified and fortified in mind, body, and spirit.

During a master plant dieta, the knowledge of these benevolent teachers is transmitted to the "dietero" through prophetic dreams, visions, and the Icaros in the ceremony.

This ancient technology can help bring about deep personal shifts. A dieta is a special time to practice​​ inner reflection, to cultivate stillness​ inside ourselves so that we can ​be receptive the subtleties of the messages and teaching​s of​ these plants ​and spirit ​have for us. This is a path of devotion, and it is through our sincerity to know ourselves and our divine purpose, that these gifts grow, slowly, over time. Just like the plants themselves.

A traditional plant dieta can be a profound and life-changing experience. The lessons from this journey will continue to echo their healing into your life​ ​for years to come. ​

This intimate connection with ​nature, and more specifically, with plant spirit​s​, ​brings us back to our own ​divine knowing​. It is the reattunement of ​our inner compass toward that which is sacred in all things.​ Through this symbiotic relationship with the plants, and our own connection to spirit, we learn how to heal ​ourselves. And, in time, we learn how to help heal others.

"What I got from this Dieta, specifically, is the Icaro. The ability that Robin has to chant and to teach chanting, that was something that brought me to this Dieta. And I have come away with a great deepening in my ability to understand the chants and to be able to develop my own icaros." 

Madhu A.


Thursday, Nov. 30th - Wednesday, Dec.13th

Arrive in Pucallpa, Thu. Dec. 30th  and stay at Hotel Manish. Dinner followed by orientation and preparation for our journey to the retreat center in the jungle, the next morning.

Friday, Dec 1st early am departure by boat to the center, followed by lunch upon arrival, settling into rooms and a plant consultation with Papa Gilberto.

First Ceremony and Opening of Dietas: Sat, Dec 2nd

Drinking of master plant: Sun, Dec 3rd

Second Ceremony: Mon, Dec 4th

Drinking of master plant: Tue, Dec 5th

Third Ceremony: Wed, Dec 6th

Drinking of master plant: Thu, Dec 7th

Fourth  Ceremony: Fri, Dec 8th

Fifth Ceremony: Sun, Dec 10th

Final Ceremony: Tue, Dec 12th

Diet is closed in ceremony and Arkanas (protection spell that seals up diet) are received.

Return to Pucallpa, early morning of Wed, Dec 13th


There will be Integration Sessions during the dieta to support participants in integrating the insights received from ceremony and the plants.

(Days in between ceremony allow for rest, meditation, and reflection, as well as drinking the master plant or tree you will be dieting).

Sacred silence will be kept until noon each day to allow for connecting with the spirit of your plant / tree.

Retreat Includes:

  • Personalized Master Plant Consultation and Dieta with Maestro Papa Gilberto Mahua
  • 6 ceremonies with Papa Gilberto Mahua
  • Daily Beginner & Intermediate Shipibo chanting classes (taught by Robin)
  • Purifying vomitivos & flower baths, expertly prepared
  • 3 Integration Sessions

.(Robin will offer teachings that have served as guide posts for Robin and Alicia's healing and personal growth. These integration sessions, born from our extensive experience as facilitators, will support you in integrating the deep lessons from ceremony and your connection with the master plant you'll be dieting.)

  • Robin will be available to offer personal consultations during your diet
  • Robin will serve as a translator for you to communicate with the Maestro
  • Transportation by boat to and from jungle center
  • Accommodation in a stand-alone private or shared-wall tambo at the retreat center
  • All food consumed during your dieta: breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared to dieta protocols
  • Plants/trees available to diet are: Noyarao, Ayahuma, Bobinsana or Chiricsanango (other plants available upon request)


Two options:

$2,350 - Private Tambo with porch

2,150 - Private tambo with shared porch and shared divider wall

Early Bird Registration (reserve by March 1st): 

$2,250 - Private Tambo with porch

$2050 -  Private tambo with shared porch and shared divider wall

This Dieta will fill up very quickly and we only have four seats still available. Please book early to secure your seat. 

To reserve your space please send a $600 deposit via PayPal to: USE THIS LINK

​Select "Goods and Services" for the transaction. Please write "Papa Gilberto retreat deposit for (and your name)" in the space provided. Then write to us directly at as soon as you make your deposit. Include your name.


We have a limited number of partial scholarships are available. Please inquire directly.

Flights not included.

Cancellation Policy

  • 90 days or more prior to the start of the retreat, you receive:  Any money paid above the $600 non-refundable deposit.
  • 31-90 days prior to the start of the retreat, you receive:  50% credit of the cost of the full retreat toward another retreat within 12 months, and Master Plant Retreats will forfeit the remainder.
  • 0-30 days prior to the start of the retreat, no refunds or credits will be given.

To cancel, you must send an email stating that you wish to cancel to:​​

Travel Insurance

The best way to protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstance is to purchase trip insurance. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for your trip.

Giving back:

A portion of the profits from this Sama will go towards purchasing probiotics and other medicines to support the Shipibo community in Papa Gilberto's village. 

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