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Sun, Oct 13



Peru Master Plant Dieta with Maestra Manuela & Robertina Mahua. Oct. 13th to Nov. 3rd (FULL)

Enter into a traditional Shipibo dieta with one of the last female Onayas (wisdom keepers) of the Mahua lineage. (FULL)

 Peru Master Plant Dieta with Maestra Manuela & Robertina Mahua. Oct. 13th to Nov. 3rd (FULL)
 Peru Master Plant Dieta with Maestra Manuela & Robertina Mahua. Oct. 13th to Nov. 3rd (FULL)

Time & Location

Oct 13, 2024, 11:30 AM – Nov 03, 2024, 11:30 AM

Pucallpa, Pucallpa, Peru

About the event

Dieta with Manuela and Robertina Mahua at their center outside of Pucallpa, Peru: 

Kibi Kaya Healing is delighted to announce that we will offer a traditional Dieta with Maestra Manuela and Robertina Mahua in the Fall of 2024

Please note: This retreat is limited to 11 participants and we only have 2 seats left. This retreat will fill up very quickly, so we recommend that you reserve your seat soon to secure your participation. 

About Maestra Manueal Mahua: 

Manuela Mahua comes from a long-standing and well-respected family lineage of Shipibo-Konibo healers from the upper and lower Ucayali regions of the Peruvian Amazon. Born in 1947, she began apprenticing with her father at age 13 and now has 60+ years of experience working with her ancestral medicine.

Today she heals and teaches, both Shipibo-Konibo and foreigners alike. She has a vast knowledge and understanding of the natural pharmacy of her land and is very open to sharing it with those who are willing to make the commitment to carry on the tradition.

Manuela is an altruistic, generous, and positive force. She cares deeply for all of her students and provides individual attention and care that only a great-grandmother can give. She embodies her given Shipibo-Konibo name Jakon Rate and truly is a Life-Giving Good Surprise for all who meet and learn with her!

About Robertina Mahua:  

Robertina Mahua is the eldest daughter of the late Pascual Mahua and is a Noyá Ráo maestra who has been working side-by-side with Manuela for the most part of the last 5 years. She’s 67 years old but did not begin her samá path until she was 52.

After decades of witnessing and interacting in the work of her father, uncles, and cousins she finally made her decision. Her principle motivation was to learn how to take care of herself and her family while she received encouragement, instruction, and support from her own father.

She began with two years of dedicated study with only Noyá Ráo and then began samá with Tobí Ráo to begin developing her massage and bone setting skills. She also has strong samá connections with Sémein (Bobinsana), Mókapari (Chiricsanango), Chullachaqui Caspi, and Marosa.

What is a traditional Shipibo Dieta? 

In Spanish, the word “dieta” literally means “diet.” However, in the lineage of the Shipibo tradition, "a plant dieta" refers to both dietary and behavioral ​conditions, as we consider everything that we ingest whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually to be a part of the "diet". This is a sacred time we create for ourselves. It is a period of isolation in which we abstain from everyday consumption and distraction in order to commune with the healing energy of the plants.  Through this deep mutual transference of energy, we are purified and fortified in mind, body, and spirit.

During a master plant dieta, the knowledge of these benevolent teachers is transmitted to the "dietero" through prophetic dreams, visions, and the Icaros in the ceremony.

This ancient technology can help bring about deep personal shifts. A dieta is a special time to practice​​ inner reflection, to cultivate stillness​ inside ourselves so that we can ​be receptive the subtleties of the messages and teaching​s of​ these plants ​and spirit ​have for us. This is a path of devotion, and it is through our sincerity to know ourselves and our divine purpose, that these gifts grow, slowly, over time. Just like the plants themselves.

A traditional plant dieta can be a profound and life-changing experience. The lessons from this journey will continue to echo their healing into your life​ ​for years to come. ​

This intimate connection with ​nature, and more specifically, with plant spirit​s​, ​brings us back to our own ​divine knowing​. It is the attunement of ​our inner compass toward that which is sacred in all things.​ Through this symbiotic relationship with the plants, and our own connection to spirit, we learn how to heal ​ourselves. And, in time, we learn how to heal others.

Retreat Includes:

  • Personalized Master Plant Consultation & Dieta with Maestra Manuela Mahua & Robertina Mahua 
  • Vomitivo treatments
  • Purifying flower & vapor baths expertly prepared
  • 9 ceremonies with Manuela Mahua and Maestra Robertina  Mahua. Supported by Robin & Alicia York
  • Plant Pusanga (Perfume) Preparation with the group. Every participant receives their own bottle
  • Jungle excursion to see the master trees and plants
  • Four Group Integration Sessions
  • Beginner & Intermediate/Advanced Shipibo chanting lessons taught by Robin. Lessons taught every other day (10 Lessons total)

Robin and Alicia will also offer spiritual teachings that have served as guide posts for their own healing and personal growth. These sessions, born from our extensive experience as facilitators, will support you in integrating the deep lessons from ceremony and your connection with the master plant you'll be dieting.

  • Robin and Alicia will be available to offer personal consultations during your diet
  • Robin will serve as a translator to help you to communicate with the Maestra
  • Transportation to and from jungle center
  • Accommodation in a private tambo that boasts an integrated shower and compostable toilet
  • All food consumed during your dieta: breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared to dieta protocols
  • Plants/trees available to diet are: Noyarao, Bobinsana or Chiricsanango



Special Discounted Scholarship Price: 

$3600 (we only have a limited number of these available, so please inquire directly) 

To reserve your space please send a $700 deposit via Zelle to or you can Venmo us at @kibikaya. Please write "Manuela retreat" in the space provided.  


We have a limited number of partial scholarships are available. Please inquire directly.


Flights not included.

Cancellation Policy

  • 120 days or more prior to the start of the retreat, you receive:  Any money paid above the non-refundable deposit.
  • 90-120 days prior to the start of the retreat, you receive:  50% credit of the cost of the full retreat towards another retreat within 12 months, and Kibi Kaya Retreats will forfeit the remainder.
  • 0-90 days prior to the start of the retreat, no refunds or credits will be given, and you will be responsible for the full cost of the retreat. Your spot has already been paid for in advance and we are thus unable to offer any refunds. 
  • If you wish to cancel, please send an email stating your reason for canceling. Please send your email to:​​
  • In the event of an emergency, we will do our best to fill your spot from someone on our waiting list. 

Travel Insurance

We advise all of our participants to protect themselves from any unforeseen circumstances by purchasing trip insurance. 

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