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Past Retreats

"The Dieta helped me to see my truth and live my truth by showing me hidden things that needed attention, - and where I still need to do some homework on."


Darius V. 

"I'm eighty years old and I trusted Robin and Alicia to handle us with care and concern.

I really felt that my heart has been opened by the plant medicine."


Lynn  M. 

20220515-2022-002 Peru 0322.jpg

"What I got from this Dieta, specifically, is the Icaro. The ability that Robin has to chant and to teach chanting was something that brought me to this Dieta. And I have come away with a great deepening in my ability to understand the chants and to be able to develop my own icaros." 


Madhu A.

Past Retreats: Past Retreats
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