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Channel  ~  Guide  ~  Mentor 


As an intuitive and a seer, I help individuals and couples navigate through life's crucibles. I believe that these crucibles are profound catalysts of our awakening. 

We can no longer go on as victims to our circumstances. Karma is not what happens to us, it's who we become in the wake of it happening. Personal responsibility is everything. There is power in taking action, not as a defense, but as a proclamation of our own deep knowledge of the path ahead.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we are called into what the mystics call the dark night of the soul. This journey varies greatly from person to person. It is both reflective of the lessons your particular soul has set out to learn, and how you fit into what the greater web of what humanity is transmuting in your lifetime. 


In our sessions we explore the terrain of your unconscious and conscious beliefs, habits, patterns, and impulses. This is a journey to understand what they have to teach you,  so you can stop unconsciously recreating these unresolved patterns and hoping for the desired outcome.


During this process, we weave the threads of these fractures or traumas back into a beautiful tapestry of wholeness.  

My Story

I come from a family lineage of mediums and psychics, and, from a young age, I felt connected to the spirit world. In my 20’s I received a strong message from spirit that I needed to go to India. On that trip in 1998 I was invited to visit the Dalai Lama’s residence in Ladakh. I was one of 14 people to take my Bodhisattva vows and receive a personal blessing. That seminal moment with the Dalai Lama changed the course of my life forever, because it taught me to listen and to trust in the guidance I receive from spirit. Upon returning to America I began my studies at Naropa, a Buddhist University in Colorado. 


While at university I began to practice aerial acrobatics and discovered a natural talent for this discipline that eventually led to a four-year contract to tour the world. I was never one to turn down an adventure, so I spent the next years of my life touring the world with Motley Crue and Aerosmith. We did shows with the Rolling Stones and many other rock legends during that time. This was an experience beyond what most people can imagine: it was at once both exhilarating and extremely depressing. I was young, pure of heart, and terribly wide eyed. All that I had dreamt of as a little girl proved warped rather than glamorous. I found myself surrounded by a life of private jets, drugs, exaggerated egos, greed, power, lust, and every other shadow that the belly of the beast offered. 


I very nearly lost myself in this labyrinth as I became the character that I played on stage day in and out. I had gotten addicted to drugs, alcohol, and of course the hunger for fame. Exhausted and living on an emotional rollercoaster was getting to me. I completed the four years and as soon as I was finished my last show I followed my heart back to India.

It was in 2010 on a rooftop of an ashram in India that I finally came face to face with the manipulating monster inside me. I realized that I was no longer playing the part, - that the part was playing me, and that my lack of self-worth desperately sought validation from the external world. I realized how addicted I
had become to the reassurance I received through my beauty, how I used it to gain power through mastering the game of seduction. I saw the superficiality of the life I had created, and how no amount of applause would ever fill that hole in
my heart. And I understood clearly that the very manipulation I employed to gain power was, in fact, how I gave it all away. I finally grasped the Buddha’s teaching that we become slaves to all that we desire and that this remains the root cause of all our suffering.

This experience shook me awake and it was shortly after, on a pilgrimage to Rishikesh, that spirit told me to prepare myself to meet a teacher who could help me confront my deepest shadows. When I met Prem Baba in Rishikesh and
started attending his lectures, I recognized him as the spiritual teacher I had seen in my vision. His teachings gave me the knowledge of how to recognize and slowly strip away the many masks I had developed over the years. I spent two seasons in India soaking up his divine wisdom.


Upon returning to my professional life as an aerialist on the stage, I felt more in tune with spirit than ever before, but I could no longer ignore the existential crisis I was in. My external reality no longer matched my inner, spiritual compass.
When I finally decided to retire from my professional career as an aerialist, I had spent almost two decades on the stage as an accomplished artist and pioneer in aerial yoga. I had succeeded in creating my life as an artist and still loved the rush of performing, but I had outgrown the role I had once agreed to play.

In 2014 I did the most important show of my career. I performed for the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday and, shortly after, said goodbye to the stage as I knew that a cycle had come to completion.

Since this time I have devoted myself to deepening my relationship with spirit. I re-discovered the path of plant medicine and earth-based wisdom and found a trusted teacher in the Amazon. I completed many long-term plant dietas, retreating into long stretches of isolation and silence in order to commune with the plant spirits and to learn to grow the way they do, slowly, and with patience. This patience became a powerful teacher as I
learned to honor the gift of its unfolding. I also learned that it is one thing to receive a vision, and it is another to practice its virtue until it breathes into you a new understanding of what is possible.

It is through my own spiritual journey and the grace of my teachers that I have come into deeper harmony with my ability to understand others deeply, and to help them express the wisdom their higher self yearns for most.


Today, I receive great joy from supporting others to tune into their innate knowing and personal truth: to empower you to make choices that are in alignment with your most authentic, embodied purpose.

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